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Medtrade Recap: Our Takeaways from the Premier Home Medical Equipment Expo and Conference

medtradeA few weeks ago Better Rest Solutions was fortunate enough to attend Medtrade, the Premier Home Medical Equipment Expo and Conference, in Atlanta, Georgia.

According to the Medtrade website:

“Medtrade brings the home medical equipment community together under one roof, providing attendees and exhibitors with opportunities to build successful business relationships. It is the largest annual sourcing opportunity for HME products and thousands of providers and hundreds of HME product manufacturers join us each year to find the items needed to satisfy today’s growing demand in an ever-changing environment.”

 We were fortunate enough to exhibit at Medtrade this year, giving us the opportunity to spread the word about the SoClean and SoClean 2 Go CPAP cleaning and sanitizing devices and network with our peers from all over the country.

We were pleased to find that the people who stopped by our booth were genuinely excited about the SoClean and the SoClean 2 Go. Many of them even told us that they had never seen anything like it on the market. By the end of the show, other vendors were coming up to us and telling us that we were the talk of the show. Needless to say, we were thrilled to have made such an impact.

A large number of the people we met were CPAP users themselves, and many of them expressed how much they hate cleaning their CPAP by hand. In fact, we were alarmed to discover that almost every CPAP user we talked to said they never (or very rarely) clean their CPAP! As we soon learned, the majority of them didn’t realize that a dirty CPAP is often the culprit of respiratory infections and other health issues. Fortunately, we had the opportunity to explain to them how the SoClean and SoClean 2 Go make CPAP cleaning and sanitizing a breeze. Featuring the same 100% natural sanitizing process found in water purification and hotel housekeeping, the SoClean and SoClean 2 Go use activated oxygen to destroy 99.9% of CPAP germs – no water or messy chemicals required.

All in all Medtrade was a big success for the Better Rest Solutions team! Thanks to everyone who made this event so memorable. See you next year!