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Good news, CPAP users! Research Shows CPAP Therapy Can Lower the Risk of Diabetes

CPAP therapy is a bit of a superhero in the world of sleep apnea, rescuing people who suffer from this sleep disorder from potentially serious health issues.

diabetesIn fact, just recently, researchers from the University of Chicago discovered that treating sleep apnea with CPAP therapy may lower the risk of diabetes.

According to HealthDay, the researchers examined 39 overweight adults who had sleep apnea and pre-diabetes, a condition characterized by high blood sugar levels that aren’t quite high enough to be classified as type 2 diabetes, but generally lead to it in 10 years or less if untreated.

Of the individuals involved in the study, 26 underwent CPAP therapy for eight hours a night for two consecutive weeks, while the other 13 were given a placebo pill before bedtime.

We bet you can guess what happened next! Yep, the individuals who underwent CPAP therapy were healthier by the end of the study. The source reports that their blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity had improved and that their blood pressure and stress hormones had decreased. All great signs!

"Our study showed that CPAP in patients with pre-diabetes can lower their risk of progressing to diabetes when CPAP is used for eight hours, a full night's sleep," concluded Dr. Sushmita Pamidi, lead author of the study.

If you’re one of the 57 million Americans who have pre-diabetes, the good news is that you have the opportunity to prevent it from progressing to type 2 diabetes by making healthy lifestyle changes and, if you also happen to have sleep apnea, by undergoing CPAP therapy nightly.

For those of you who are already using a CPAP mask to treat your sleep apnea, keep up the great work! And consider treating yourself to the SoClean Automated CPAP Equipment Cleaner to make cleaning your CPAP as easy as pressing a button.

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