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5 Gifts for the Sleep Apnea Sufferer in Your Life

Sleep Apnea Gift Guide: 5 Gifts for the Sleep Apnea Sufferer in Your Life

SoClean Gift Guide

It might not be a shiny new car wrapped in a red ribbon, but a loved one suffering from sleep apnea will be glad to receive these gifts. Below are 5 holiday gift suggestions that those suffering with sleep apnea really want:

1. S+ by ResMed

Keeping sleep apnea under control involves being aware of sleep quality. The S+ by ResMed is a sleep tracking system that offers an easy way for sleep apnea patients to get personalized feedback on their sleep pattern and quality. It can be used in conjunction with the S+ smartphone app to get feedback on sleep conditions in the room, including temperature and light.

2. Sleep Apnea pillow

Pillows for sleep apnea and snoring are designed to help those with sleep apnea rest comfortably on their sides. Sleeping posture is an efficient behavioral technique to help treat sleep apnea, and sleeping on the side can contribute to enhancing sleep respiratory function. A sleep apnea pillow is among the most inexpensive and least stressful therapies.

3. SoClean

CPAP machines help lower the risk of complications from sleep apnea, but dirty CPAP equipment can carry dangerous pathogens that can lead to more health problems. The SoClean CPAP cleaner and sanitizer provides sleep apnea sufferers with a convenient way to keep their CPAP mask, hose and reservoir free of bacteria and other germs. This is an essential for CPAP users, especially now that cold and flu season are upon us.


4. CPAP Mask Cleansing Wipes

Cleansing wipes provide another way to clean your mask. Made with 100 percent cotton, these wipes contain unscented and are free from harmful chemicals. They are conveniently packaged for home use or travel. (CPAP mask cleansing wipes are not a substitute for regular cleaning. The wipes should be used in addition to your thorough daily cleaning regimen.

5. CPAP Cheek Pads

CPAP cheek pads are cushions that act as protective barriers, preventing skin irritation and marks on the areas where CPAP straps are in contact with the face. They are available in multiple varieties (fleece or smooth microfiber, for example), and most brands help prevent leaks and are washable.

With these gifts, loved ones with sleep apnea can count on getting more restful sleep while managing their condition. From sleep apnea pillows to SoClean CPAP cleaning solutions, these items make the ideal gifts for those with the sleep disorder.