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All CPAP Cleaners Are Not Created Equal

It is well known that regular and consistent use of a CPAP machine in the treatment of sleep apnea will result in positive health benefits such as lowered blood pressure. But almost as important, a CPAP machine can ensure a good night’s sleep, so you wake up with a clearer head, in a better mood, and with the energy to deal with the stress and strain of daily life.

To get these health and lifestyle benefits of a CPAP machine, the machine must not only be used regularly, but it must also be cleaned and sanitized regularly. Cleaning with soap and water to kill germs and bacteria is a time-consuming process, and many CPAP users cannot find the time in their busy schedule. But not properly cleaning the equipment can leave the patient feeling fatigued—or worse—sick from infection.

That’s where CPAP cleaning becomes essential. SoClean can sanitize the mask, hose and reservoir of a CPAP machine, with no disassembly, which no other cleaner can do. SoClean is the only cleaner with a tested and proven 99.9% sanitization efficacy rate.

Other CPAP cleaners on the market:

  • Do not have lab-tested efficacy rates that rank with SoClean’s
  • Cannot sanitize the entire CPAP system at once—mask, hose, reservoir and the water in the reservoir
  • Do not feature the convenience of one-step automatic cleaning
  • Do not have the safety features of the SoClean, and other solutions may release cleaning agents into the air

SoClean has top marks for operating safely. SoClean:

  • Is completely mercury-free
  • Filters ozone safely
  • Has dual safety interlocks

The best thing sleep apnea sufferers can do for their health is to use their CPAP machine regularly, following the recommendations of their doctors, combined with a SoClean to automatically sanitize their CPAP machines daily. By using the SoClean, sleep apnea sufferers can be confident that their CPAP is safe and providing all the health benefits they hoped for and expected.

To find out more about SoClean’s advantages over other machines on the market, please contact us. We are always happy to talk! You can reach us at or (800)341-7014.

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