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Video: Sleep Expert Dr. Rosenberg Explains Why You Need a CPAP Cleaner

Many CPAP patients wonder about the best way to keep their CPAP equipment clean, and if it is worth the effort, especially if their physician, sleep specialist, or pharmacist did not mention cleaning as an important part of the daily routine. Dr. Robert Rosenberg, SoClean’s official medical adviser, advocates for cleanliness. When patients ask if they should clean their CPAP machine, Dr. Rosenberg says, “the answer is yes. It is important to disinfect, it’s important to keep it clean, and it’s important to avoid infections.”

Bacteria can build up in the CPAP machine that can lead to additional illnesses. In order to prevent infections, taking the time to clean the CPAP, mask, hose, and water reservoir is critically important. There are several CPAP cleaners on the market--including the SoClean machine--that save time for the consumer, making the cleaning process quick, efficient, and convenient.  


CPAP Cleaner While there are different CPAP cleaners available, Dr. Rosenberg believes that “SoClean is the best one on the market at this time.” That’s because SoClean uses a proprietary, highly effective, ozone cleaning technology that is able to disinfect all areas of the CPAP mask, hose, & reservoir without the need for disassembly.

Compared to other cleaning methods, such as soap and water, or UV lighting, SoClean’s ozone technology is able to reach all surface areas within the CPAP to ensure that the CPAP is truly clean. Using soap and water as an additional action on a weekly basis rinses away any dead residue that remains after the ozone has killed any growth, providing clean breathing, 99.9% free and clear of bacteria.

If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea and prescribed CPAP treatment, a SoClean Automated PAP Cleaner & Sanitizer Device might be a welcome way to make your daily routine simpler, and better. If you have any questions, please reach us at or (800) 341-7014.