Can’t Sleep Because of COVID-19 Anxiety?

Thursday, 23 April 2020 by
If you’re having trouble sleeping right now, you’re not alone: The COVID-19 pandemic is causing people around the world to take anxiety to bed with them at night. And the stress is coming from a myriad of directions, as we lie awake worrying about contracting the virus ourselves, our loved ones contracting the virus, losing our jobs or other repercussions....
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“Masks for New Hampshire” to Supply 20,000 Masks Per Day to New Hampshire Healthcare Organizations

Monday, 06 April 2020 by
A private and philanthropic-sector initiative to supply at least 250,000 masks to New Hampshire healthcare facilities launched this week with an initial donation to Monadnock Community Hospital and Cheshire Medical Center. The effort, dubbed “Masks for New Hampshire,” is being led by SoClean and an impressive group of private donors. The group has plans to provide upwards of 20,000 masks...
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