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‘No More Nasty Mask’ for 3 CPAP Users Thanks to SoClean


—Better Rest Solutions announces the winners of its “No More Nasty Mask” Facebook contest. The “No More Nasty Mask” contest was designed by Better Rest Solutions to raise awareness of the importance of using a CPAP machine to manage sleep apnea.

The first, second, and third-place winners were the top vote getters of the nearly 200 submissions on the Better Rest Solution Facebook page ( throughout the month of March. Each of the winners will receive a SoClean CPAP sanitizing unit valued at $349.

The Grand Prize winner was poem submitted by Toni Davis from Hawaii:

Snore no more
My hubby uses his CPAP every night,
without it his snoring’s a fright,
he keeps his machine as clean as he can,
he happens to be a germophobic man.
He’d be so happy to win this sanitizing unit,
It certainly would be a very big hit,
He could keep his CPAP squeaky clean,
get a good sleep and have a sweet dream.

Second place went to the alien grandmother from Oregon, Joann Carney:

The Alien

I watch my grandchildren and I am always telling them I am a friendly alien that will protect them, so that way they are not afraid of my mask as it’s a full face mask. So now I am the alien Grammy… lol. I have 18 grandchildren and they share with their friend that it’s ok for people to wear this equipment and how it helps them, and the younger ones tell about their Grammy the alien lol.

Third place went to a compelling story by Stephanie Thomas from Washington:

CPAP...a blessing...
I did my sleep study nearly 6 years ago. I have not been able to get a new CPAP mask since then. It has broken where the forehead piece connects to the rest of the mask. My hose has holes in it so I really don’t a full flow of air. It’s very discolored and the Velcro is very weak so I have to keep readjusting for a snug fit. But in order form my to keep healthy I have to wear it.
For their efforts, each of the winners will receive a SoClean CPAP sanitizing unit. Using the SoClean CPAP sanitizing unit is the easy, safe, and natural way to daily disinfect your CPAP. There is no need to disassemble CPAP components to sanitize it and the SoClean is specially designed to fit an array of CPAP models and masks.
Over 18 million Americans are diagnosed with sleep apnea—as many as who have diabetes. Nearly 80 percent of them use CPAP machines to manage their sleep apnea.
The key to successfully managing sleep apnea is to consistently use the CPAP machine every night. One of the challenges to using the CPAP machine is keeping it clean. Surveys indicate that over 62 percent of respondents view cleaning their CPAP machines as “a necessary evil” and over 92 percent would prefer an easier process to sanitizing their CPAP machines.
Using the SoClean Oxitize process 99.9 percent of bacteria, viruses, and fungi are eradicated. This daily automated process is safe, easy, and natural. Sleep apnea sufferers can be assured that their CPAP equipment, including the mask, hose, and reservoir are sanitized.
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About Better Rest Solutions:

Better Rest Solutions was established with the goal of enhancing and improving people’s rest and relaxation.

One of the challenges of a good night’s rest is sleeping through the night without interruption. A person who has sleep apnea and uses a CPAP machine faces enough of a challenge wearing the mask and using the machine. Add to that, the daily inconvenience of having to thoroughly clean the CPAP equipment in order to maintain air quality.
This led to the invention of the SoClean sanitizing machine. Using a natural sanitizing process, well-known and used in both the food industry and in water treatment, sanitizing the entire system is as easy as placing the mask in the SoClean and walking away.
More information about SoClean is available at: